Company Profile

Le Champ (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd was established in 1982 in Singapore. We are in the business of supplying high-quality equipment and components for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Our vision is driven by our philosophy of challenging ourselves to attain infiinite heights under honest and dutiful terms. Keep in step with technology through embracing innovation and creativity. Contribute back to society.

To go regional and global so that our new generation will continue to survive and have the cutting edge of service in the industry characterized by rapid obsolescence, new innovation and a shrinking playing field.

To achieve this vision, Le Champ firmly believes that it takes committed and dedicated people who truly understand how to serve and keep customers happy thereby maintaining unyielding relationships vis-a-vis the WIN-WIN-WIN formula - in short, absolute quality service by every honest means. Another unique trait is to conduct business with quality welfare for staff with a sense of social responsibilities. Acknowledging the fact that there is never ending changes to achieve growth we shall always strive to be amongst the top in the market for any product and service we represent.

Le Champ aims to become a sustainable "multi-million dollar league" company in the medium term through fervent assertion of excellent service with knowledge and understanding.

Over the long term we aim to establish ourselves as a regional and emerging global player through partnership and acquisitions. Imbued with people-centered values and associating only with quality that transcends all quarters of our thoughts and actions.

To explore, without exhaustion and enter promising areas of the industry with a view to serve and prosper better.

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