Interselect IS I 460S Selective In Line Modular Selective Soldering System

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In Line Modular Selective Soldering with IS I 460S


This Selective concept covers three basic modules:

Selective soldering module, Fluxing module and Preheat module




The IS-I-460 is a completely automated „in-line“ and „modular“ version from

InterSelect Germany which can handle boards up to 460x460mm (18“ x 18“).

It has a SMEMA pass through conveyor that features automatic conveyor

width adjustment. The IS-I-460 couples high throughput with precise process


The soldering unit is equipped with our inert hot nitrogen atmosphere for the

soldering process and to assist the prevention of oxidation. Each solder pot

comes with this inert atmosphere. The X, Y, Z moving solder pot system is

since a long time already installed in many machines. These machines are

equipped with a unique top side designed preheating system, controlled by a

pyrometer. All process parameters are controlled and monitored for data take


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