FOLUNGWIN FL-VP860 Reflow oven

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Folungwin FL-VP860

Technical Specifications for Fl-VP860

System Control Method: PC Control with Windows based OS

Temperature control accuracy: + 1 ℃

Maximum PCB Width: 430mm

Number of Heated Zone: 8 heated zones top and bottom

Number of Cooling Zone: 2 Cooling zones

Safety Conformity: CE certified system


Machine Features
  • Lead-free Compatible
  • Foced Hot air Convection
  • Integrated Cooling
  • Pin Chain and Mesh Belt Conveyor System
  • Flux Management System
  • Automated Chain Lubrication
  • UPS
  • Built-in Temperature Profiler
  • PC and Motherboard control
  • CE Compliance (UL/CSA is option)
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