Juki High-Speed Modular Mounter FX-3R

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Juki High-Speed Modular Mounter FX-3R

Juki high-speed modular mounter FX-3R is a high-speed, compact, modular placement system. With its high-speed technology and user-friendly operation, it is suitable for high-speed assembly line and at the same time supporting customer needs.




  • Placement speed (chip): 90,000CPH (0.04 sec/chip/optimum)
  • 0402mm(01005 inch)~□33.5mm
  • Laser recognition : ±0.05mm(±3σ)
  • The use of electronic double tape feeders enables mounting of a maximum of 240 component types.
  • Compatible with mechanical and electronic feeders.
  • New linear servomotors and full closed-loop control
  • Two Stations - 4Beams - 4Head Configuration 
  • On-the-fly Simultaneous Centering using the 6-nozzle Multi-laser Head
  • 15-inch Touch-panel Color LCD Display
  • Capable of producing long boards used in LED lighting 

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