F & K Delvotec



F & K Delvotec is a respected technological leader in the field of Automated Assembly Equipment for the Microelectronic Industry.

Having started with the classic die attach and wire bonding technology, F & K Delvotec is now offering the broadest range of bonding equipment with the latest state-of-the-art technology. F & K Delvotec is specialized in serving the very demanding niche markets where automated processes could not otherwise find success because of either very high demands on quality or very low volumes.

F & K Delvotec has had excellent success providing equipment for Automotive Sensors and very difficult to bond passive components such as SAW-Devices or Micromechanical Actuators for Magnetic Data Storage Devices.

F & K Delvotec is the only manufacturer supplying machines covering the complete spectrum of wire bonding technologies: gold ball bonding, gold ball bumping, wedge bonding for fine gold, aluminium wire and ribbon, wedge bonding for power devices with heavy aluminium wire.

F & K Delvotec continues its leadership in automation on microwave, telecommunication, and opto-electronic applications.

  • Wire Bonders
  • Bond Testers





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