Juki Corporation


JUKI is now focusing on the strengthening of backyard such as business of SMT systemscentering on technologies of industrial sewing machine while constructing customer relationship to be at the vanguard of a revolution for making Juki group a stronger manufacturing body.The driving power is JUKI’s corporate slogan, "Mind & Technology" (Technology with Heart) and concept of "customer-first policy".

JUKI always learns from customers, creates new values with customer, as "a partner of co-production", and continues providing products and services with the customer in mind.We provide attractive products for customers, continue to operate business putting a high priority on quality, and at the same time, contribute to world industry and eventually happiness of mankind. That is a hope of JUKI.

  • Vision Screen Printer
  • High Speed Dispenser
  • Solder Reflow System
  • High Speed Chip Shooter
  • Twin Head High Speed Chip Shooter
  • High Speed Flexible Mounter





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