Koki Singapore Pte Ltd



Koki Singapore Pte Ltd was established when it won its independence from Koki Japan in July 1993.


Koki Singapore continued to represent Koki Japan for sales and service of the full product range of soldering machines, spray fluxers, solder recycle machines, spare parts, accessories and soldering materials.

Other established brand name products for the electronics industry such as BGA Reworks, Thermal Profilers, X-ray machines, PCB handlers and AOI were added to its agency representation.

In 1997 until 2006, Koki Singapore represented a Japanese AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection Machine) manufacturer and successfully marketed the brand name outside Japan.

Koki's own brand and manufacture of I-Systems AOI was launched in 2006. With its extensive experience in AOI technology and good reputation of sales and service record, its customers readily accepted the I-Systems AOI as the fastest line scan optical inspection in the market with added features beyond our rivals and price competitive.

  • 3D Visual Inspection SPI
  • 2D Visual Inspection SPI (Desktop & In-Line Model)




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