NanoFocus AG


NanoFocus is a high-tech company and technology leader in the sector of directly process-related optical surface measurement in the micro- and nanometer range.

NanoFocus has long-term and patented know-how in the development of optical procedures, precision mechatronics and scientific software algorithms.

Every manufactured product in existence has a surface component. Be it the hood of a new car, a micro-electro-mechanical switch in a mobile phone, a famous work of art or even a hip implant. At some stage in every products lifecycle its surface will have to be quantified -perhaps during the development or more likely everyday during production to ensure quality. NanoFocus’ 3D surface metrology systems are used in research and industry throughout the world to develop ideas into new products as well as to ensure the quality of existing product.

  • 3D Laser Profilometer



  • Micro geometry assessment
  • 3D surface roughness investigation
  • Film thickness analysis
  • Superior Return-on-Investment
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