Optical Gaging Products, Inc.




OGP® offers precision non-contact and multisensor coordinate measuring systems used for dimensional inspection, designed and manufactured at its corporate headquarters in Rochester, NY, USA. OGP has over 60 years of industry experience.


OGP's systems are used daily in over 60 countries to help manufacturers improve quality. Its products provide solutions for applications in the automotive, aerospace, ceramic, clinical, electronic, semiconductor, plastics, biomedical, and metalworking industries, among others. We are recognized as a premier supplier of non-contact and multisensor measuring instruments around the world.


OGP has people who design and manufacture the mechanics, optics, electronics, and software used in its products; people who offer practical, cost-effective solutions; and people who don’t accept anything less than the highest standards of quality for its customers.

  • Video and Multisensor Systems
  • Optical Comparators (Contour Projectors)
  • Laser Profile Scanners
  • Inspection Systems

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