Nanofocus usurf Non-Contact 3D Profilometer

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Nanofocus usurf Non-Contact 3D Profilometer

The compact µscan explorer 3D profilometer system enables fast, non-contact surface analysis in the micrometre and nanometre range. The µscan explorer, which is suitable for use in laboratory and production environments, features a high level of user-friendliness for performing a wide variety of measuring tasks, such as determining surface texture, roughness, microgeometry, and the thickness of transparent coatings. This versatility is achieved by using interchangeable high-resolution sensors that can be swapped with a minimum of effort.

A variety of chromatic confocal sensors with various measuring ranges are available for the µscan explorer. They can be used for measuring nearly every type of material, from diffuse to specular. The unit is supplied with one sensor as standard, while a second sensor can be fitted on the system in parallel. A real-time camera provides fast orientation for selecting the measuring field and is just one of the integrated tools that simplify and streamline the measuring process.

The µscan explorer comes with an extensive software package. The standard µsoft drive software, which features an intuitive operator interface, controls the scanning profilometer and enables automated measuring and analysis. Measuring routines and entire measuring processes can easily be generated, saved and reused. The analysis software, µsoft analysis, presents the results and supports numerous types of 2D and 3D analysis.

  • Compact Design
  • Flexible all-round Solution
  • User friendly Concept
  • Automated Measurement and Analysis
  • Robust and reliable

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