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MIRTEC’s all new MV-9 Series 2D/3D AOI Systems
Next Generation fastest In-Line Solder Paste Inspection System in the market
InterSelect’s all new IS-I-460S Selective In-Line Modular Selective Soldering System
In Line Modular Selective Soldering with IS I 460S
Fein Focus compact and versatile X-ray system for 2D and 3D inspection
Y.Cougar - Fein Focus X-ray
FL-VP860 - 8 heated zone reflow oven
Folungwin FL-VP860
JUKI Latest High Speed Modular Mounter
Juki High-Speed Modular Mounter FX-3R

Machine Promotion

Le Champ Glazspector

Le Champ Glazspector

The best glass inspector

A new standard in glass inclusion inspection

Glazspector is a Nickel Sulphide (NiS) inspection instrument. It uses a patented (P-No123132) light and optics technology to detect inclusion in toughen glass.