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LCD Monochrome Module

Hebei Jiya Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereafter Jiya) was established in 1993, and passed ISO-9000 in 1999. It mainly produces LCD with resolutions under 640×480 and LCM (including TFT and color STN modules). With strong R&D ability, Jiya develops nearly 1000 kinds of new products every year, and Jiya's products are being sold to over 40 countries and districts in Asia, Europe and America. Jiya not only provides OEM but also ODM services.

Yeebo Group was established in 1988, and principally has been engaging in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality Monochrome LCD and LCD Modules. Yeebo’s products have a strong global presence in key electronic market sectors including Automotive indumenta, Telecommunications, Medical equipment and Electronic consumable products such as Audio, White products, Watches and Electronic notebooks.

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