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Company Introduction

Former name of Y.C. Optotech Inc. — Yiow Chie Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975. The company was located in Penang Malaysia, primarily manufacturing rectifier diode. After 1989, the factories were then moved to China for manufacturing LED for more than 20 years as of today. In 2009, Yiow Chie Industrial Co., Ltd. was renamed. The company is now known as Y.C. Optotech Inc.. In this period, Y.C. Optotech Inc. not only focuses on design and development of LED and other optical products. At the same time, the company also actively seeks co-operation with the upstream suppliers and has become a distributor of several well-known domestic upstream suppliers.

Strategic resources integration allows our customers, ourselves and the suppliers to create advantages for competing with others. After so many years of market experiences in accumulating optical professional knowledge, our products can thus be applied to computer peripherals, communications-related products, consumer electronics, sports equipments, automobile peripherals, outdoor advertisement boards, lightings and etc. Our non-stop innovative spirits, and owning rich and unique resources allow us to possess greater customization abilities. We not only provide customers with strong technical support and quality control, thus creating more values added to more products.

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