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Voltage Regulator

We are a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based system solutions. We always offer our customers the product which is the right solution for their tasks. Whether it is a chip which is customized to their requirements (ASIC), a standard product which can be implemented quickly (ASSP), or a complete micro-system as symbiosis of sensor and evaluation electronics.

In Sanken core semiconductor business, we offer our globally extensive network of customers a wide range of latest-technology, high value-added products, including the ever-growing-trend automotive ICs, the high-growth potential motor control ICs, the power conversion ICs for industrial and home electronics, and the power discretes, to name a few. In addition, we supply our customers with unique products, such as power modules that integrate in a quite advanced manner our circuit technology and device control technology based on our long-cultivated experience and knowledge, and power supply equipment, or power systems, that symbolizes our strenuous and incessant efforts we have made ever since our beginning. We sincerely wish to be a company that can continuously offers diversified array of critical solutions in every corner of power electronics.

Advanced device, circuit, and production technologies have been cultivated through the development of CMOS analog ICs derived from watch ICs. These technologies enable to provide power-saving analog ICs to meet and exceed customer requirements. We inspire our customers with “Small, Smart, Simple” analog semiconductor solutions that make full use of cutting-edge core technology.

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