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Magnetic Sensor ICs

ABLIC is a semiconductor manufacturer based on watch-related technologies with a large number of unique products that utilize low-current consumption, low-voltage operation and ultra-small packaging technologies, mainly analog ICs, such as voltage regulators / voltage detectors and lithium-ion battery Protection ICs for consumer products, automotive EEPROM, and ultrasound imaging ICs for medical devices. In addition, in the growing markets such as those for automotive devices, medical devices, and IoT/wearable devices, ABLIC has realized a continuous design-win.

The Alps Electric Group looks to achieve differentiation from other companies, and thereby establish competitive advantage, by creating new businesses and products that match market and customer needs.

Littelfuse is a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing. We are the only company to offer all of the pertinent circuit protection technologies, with products that can be used in virtually everything that uses electrical energy. Complementing our wide portfolio of circuit protection products is a global network of design and technical support expertise. We offer decades of design experience to help you address application challenges and achieve regulatory compliance.

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