High-quality electronic components.

JHT offers a wide range of products, including both primary and secondary batteries, through OEM & ODM models. At the request of customers, JHT designs and/or manufactures battery packs and batteries with pin, wire and connector, and other additions, for applications such as consumer electronics, household electrical appliances, medical devices, and much more.

Our excellence in battery production comes from accumulated industry knowhow and a true commitment to research and development. With world-class facilities and equipments, and specialized management, JHT injects each and every product with quality and stability. Looking to the future, JHT wishes to become the No. 1 manufacturer in the battery industry, and supply large quantities of batteries to simultaneously meet the demands of many markets. As a member of TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) and TBA (Taiwan Battery Association), JHT will maintain close communication with related businesses to extend products and services.

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