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S.WOP – S.oftware for Wire Optimized Production

The software solution S.WOP takes over the planning and monitoring of all wire processing machines. S.WOP extracts data from the order management system (e.g. ERP) and compiles consistent orders. These are grouped according to the best workflow principle and assigned to individual machines. In particular, this enables clients with various order volumes and small batch sizes to produce more efficiently and to have access to relevant production- and machine data.

Your benefits

Administration work and intermediate storage are reduced by S.WOP. Even surpluses are eliminated due to demand-driven manufacturing. Raw material and machine capacities are used to their optimum capacities. Bar code scanning has consigned set-up errors to history. By process control users are encouraged to capture measurement values according to specified rules and to adhere to tolerances. Tooling maintenance thresholds are also monitored.

  • Process transparency
  • Low paper production
  • Production monitoring
  • Reduced lead times
  • Increased productivity

System Requirements

Software from Schleuniger can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment. The requirements are in line with normal industrial standards. The technical basis is Windows 7 or higher and a TCP/IP network.

Raw material and machine capacities are fully utilized

The technical options are specified in detail in the machine administration and this is used to check whether the machine is appropriate for an order. Not only new orders are taken into consideration but also those which have already been assigned to a machine. If faults arise orders are reassigned. The system recognizes downtime through the machine administration. These orders are then assigned to other machines in the next optimization process.

Achieving the objective with less effort

Kanban enables demand-driven manufacturing. This means that stocks of semifinished goods are reduced thereby ensuring required stocks are available at the right time. Kanban orders are generated automatically by the system when booking parts out of stock. The number of these orders is determined automatically from the current inventory stock, the weekly requirement and the security stock.


The CrimpLab 2 software is designed specifically for analysis of cross sectioned terminals. The latest version has many enhancements making cross section analysis easier than ever. With the CrimpLab 2, Standard software users can measure all critical crimp dimensions using simple measurement tools. The CrimpLab 2 Automatic software features an automatic contour recognition function allowing users to measure all cross section dimensions of standard B-crimps automatically with just a few clicks. Automatic measurements can be taken in a fraction of the time required by manual measurement so efficiency can be significantly increased using the CrimpLab 2 Automatic software.

Separate jobs can be created including critical dimensions and tolerances for each terminal and wire size combination. Job information contains which measurements are required for that particular job since different customers might have different requirements. The user can instantly see if the measurements pass or fail. When all measurements are taken, a complete report in a clear format can be quickly generated and saved. Reports are in .pdf format. They include photos and all dimensions compared to nominal values and tolerances. Quick measurements are also possible for samples not loaded into jobs.

CrimpLab 2 analysis software makes section analysis simple, fast and traceable.

Application Range

The CrimpLab 2 is designed for use with Schleuniger MicroGraph and SawInspect Systems. All key dimension requirements according to VW 60330 Norm can be measured including critical heights, widths, and angles. Additionally, strands can be counted, crimp compression and crimp symmetry can be determined and physical measurement data can be imported from crimp height measurement devices. Customers can also analyze other aspects of processed wire ends such as strip quality and wire position in the crimp.

  • Save time with predefined job templates for a variety of measurements
  • Clear and comprehensive reports quickly generated for complete traceability
  • User management with language selection
  • A variety of languages are supported for worldwide use
  • All other aspects of processed wire ends can be evaluated quickly and easily
  • Fully automatic cross section analysis in seconds with CrimpLab 2 Automatic software
  • Comprehensive software designed specifically for crimp cross sections with simple measurement tools for all critical measurements.

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