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The SolderStar PRO reflow systems include our latest evolution of ultra-compact datalogger featuring the unique SolderStar ‘SmartLink’ connector system. The datalogger unit is docked into a protective heat shield and thermocouple adapter combination to provide the number of measurement channels required for the product profiling applications. Future upgrading or servicing is a simple and cost effective procedure, with only the Thermocouple Adapter needing to be changed to allow 6,9,12 or 16 Type-K measurement versions.

The‘SmartLink’ concept results in a smaller profiling instrument footprint, allowing the systems to easily pass though ovens with low tunnel heights or when narrow electronic assemblies are being produced. Additionally it provides a quick connection to a range of accessories for capture of profile and SPC information from reflow, wave/selective and vapour phase soldering processes.

Profile optimisation

For profile optimisation, the AutoSeeker Profile Optimiser can be added to the systems to provide rapid profile setup. Once a profile has been captured from the process, the AUTOSeeker will search through millions of combinations of oven set points, to provide suggested settings for both temperature and speed.

The systems can optionally provide live profiling data direct to the engineer computer via our class leading 2.4 GHz wireless telemetry system, the bespoke system used in SolderStar products provide a full two way link, resulting in no data loss during the streaming of live data.

These profiling systems provide the engineer with all the necessary software tools for rapid profile setup and analysis, along with data management, profile simulations and integrated SPC charting tools.


  • Compact size for profiling of narrow PCB formats or ovens with low tunnel clearance
  • Support for 6 to 16 measurement channels for profiling of the most complex PCB assemblies
  • Smartlink connection system provides quick datalogger connection to a range of products and accessories
  • Software tools including profile analysis and simulation, plus integrated SPC management features
  • High temperature USB rechargeable battery system
  • Connectivity via standard USB cables or 2.4Ghz Wireless Telemetry
  • Extendable for control of wave / selective or vapour phase soldering

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